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My name is Robert L. Vincent, and this my beloved wife, Consuelo. I am a Safety Officer, a author, a retired General Contractor. I own and operate Institute of Safety and Vocational Training: Welding in Las Vegas Nevada.

Robert L.Vincent

It took over 20 years to write this book. We decided to republish the book, after getting worried about the bad state of Humanity at the present time. Our leaders are leading us down the path to nuclear war.  So, for the people of the earth, that really isn't a good idea.

So, we are here to proclaim to the world, that God does not like the idea either. The earth itself doesn't like the idea either. So, the time of the very elect has got to be shortened. As it is written in the Book of Revelation 11:03-06. " And I will Give Power....and they shall Prophesy"

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