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Book - The Royal King David Proclamations to the World

This is a true account of a young girl that started having visions at age 5. She was a polio victim in 1955 and suffered from curvature of the spine from polio and spent many years in the hospital recovering during childhood. She grew up to become a attractive women. I fell in love with her because she was honest, attractive, clean of heart and wholesome. We had 7 children, all grown now.
Then, in 1986,  her visions started with a great intensity. Finally God said, As it is written, Thou must prophesy…..God opened the heavens and revealed this book.  She, compelled and awe struck, pined what she saw and what it said. She hid her manuscripts but I, her husband, discovered her work. I transcribed them,  feeling their importance, and later self published for what you see now.  We spent 1000's of hours on this book.  This is her true Testimony and Testament.  
I have no absolutely no doubt she will go down in history above great names of Prophecy and predictions such as Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, and John the Revelator in the Book of Revelation.


Because of the nature of this book, which is Pure Bible Prophecy combined with Man and God's spirituality we had to sit and perculate for years so that we could get a handle on how we were even to proceed with offering the book to people to read.  Now, that the world is on the verge of nuclear war, and epidemics unleashed upon the people, we thougt it prudent to Advise the World on what is coming next.


It is written: In the Last Days, As in the days of Noah, the Days of the very elect shall be shortened…so it will be.This is a big job that started over 2000 years ago on the Isle of Patmos by John the Revelator in the Book of Revelation. John wrote about the End Times. John wrote about a little book he ate, that wasn’t to be opened until the End Times.


Gods original plan was Peace on Earth towards men. He loved us so much he sent His only begotten Son to give us Salvation. Time went on.


The great Leaders of the world, the churches, have all embraced nuclear war, Global Warming, Monetary One, Inflation, Germ Warfare, Genetic Manipulation to afflict each other to forever ruin God’s creation..There is great possibility of all peoples extinction within weeks because of one miscalculation or accident. Now, it seams that we could find our selves in a nuclear war. Our country could be gone in only 1 hour.


These Proclamations in Prophecy are very different then Books about bible prophecy.God's plan for Man was ; Peace on Earth, and World Safety.Political deep state leadership choices today for the governed are earmarked for Global Warming, Apocalypses, Nuclear War, Monetary One, Armageddon, Germ Warfare and Extinction!


As it was written in Revelation 11:03-06. “And I will give power.... and they shall Prophesy”. “I have given you the Keys of David 108.04”. Things to come are revealed in these 225 proclamations.

The Plague of Ephods, that could kill ¼ of mankind within weeks.

The Great California San Fernando 9.0 Earthquake.

The attack on the US Navy7th Fleet in the Pacific Ocean.

The Safety of The Seal of Seven for Christians and Jews.

The greatest flood of ALL: The Flipping of the Earth on it's Axis!

The raising of King David from the grave. They are all coming

Book - The Royal King David Proclamations to the World

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  • Make sure you read chapter 01 first. It has a spiritual key inbedded in it allowing you to understand the rest of the readings.

    Each Testiment is named as it was dated and received.

    Each Verse is Serialized with the Testament Number and Verse number so it can be cross linked to other Testaments with similar subjects, just like your King James Bible.

    This Book's foundation rests on The King James Bible.

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